The T.L.C. Bag

Meet Louis XVI, the first model of the

'Sac à la Française'!


I have decided to give the bag a more unique name, that fits with its origins. The embroidery I used comes from the habit à la Française which translates to suit made in the French fashion. This was typically used on menswear and made popular around 1780 when it was worn at court in France during Louis XVI's reign. Highly skilled embroiderers would work on these panels before a tailor would make them into a suit, custom fitted to the wearer. What you see on the bag is lifted from a real garment.

'Sac à la Française' therefore means bag made in the French fashion. Because I am planning on making more versions*, I want to give each bag a name, so what would be better suited than Louis XVI for this first one.


The bag is made from a fuchsia wool melton with rayon embroidery and a silk taffeta lining. It features hand crafted leather straps with nickel black hardware. The pocket on the front closes with a magnet and the inside one with a zip. There is a clasp at the centre top to close the bag.


There will be a few minor changes from this prototype, but nothing much from what you see.

The bag measures approximately 36cm deep, 42cm at the widest part and 10cm wide at the bottom on the side. The straps are 60cm long.

There is a lot of work involved into making these high end bags, from very skilled craftsmanship to make the leather straps to the factory that is sewing the bags together. All of which is done within the United Kingdom with high quality materials.


The retail price for Louis XVI is £1000,- including U.K. postage (excluding N.I.).


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*To keep this item exclusive, a maximum of 10 bags in this colour and embroidery design will be made available (excluding the samples). This embroidery design could be featured on a different colour of fabric or this fabric colour could be available with a different embroidery design in the future, but no more than 10 of this combination will be made.

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